Welcome to the Department of Inorganic Chemistry – Functional Materials

Our Department emphasizes research on inorganic materials, bulk or nanostructured, and their functions. We work on porous metal oxides, silicates, and carbons, as well as on metallic systems, intermetallics and alloys. Our activities are wide-ranging and branch into many associated subjects or research fields, including materials science, solid-state chemistry, thermodynamics, crystallography, adsorption, biomaterials, energy storage and catalysis.

News from the Department

01.03.2022 17:11

Online lecture by Jia Min Chin on 15.03.2022, 17:30

Jia Min Chin, PhD gives an online talk in the context of the Chemical-Physical Society Vienna.


Topic: Incorporation of Cu/Ni in Ordered Mesoporous Co-Based Spinels to Facilitate Oxygen Evolution and Reduction Reactions in Alkaline Media and...


New WG at the institute!

We warmly welcome Dr. Jia Min Chin, PhD with her research group and their collaborators to our institute.


After months of renovation work, the time has come - our new laboratory is ready!


Tabula rasa - Everything will be made new


Successful dissertation by Gabriel Reisinger