Welcome to the Department of Inorganic Chemistry – Functional Materials

Our Department emphasizes research on inorganic materials, bulk or nanostructured, and their functions. We work on porous metal oxides, silicates, and carbons, as well as on metallic systems, intermetallics and alloys. Our activities are wide-ranging and branch into many associated subjects or research fields, including materials science, solid-state chemistry, thermodynamics, crystallography, adsorption, biomaterials, energy storage and catalysis.

News from the Department


Our institute cordially invites you to a Minisymposium titled "Intermetallic Compounds in Catalysis".



Kazuki Nakanishi, Nagoya University and Kyoto University, Japan: Macroporous Monoliths with Modified Compositions and Structures


FFG project "REcovered Silicon / TIN Sulphide Nanocomposite Anode Materials for Generation 3b Lithium Ion Batteries".


No less than two recognition prizes go to Cornelia von Baeckmann this year!


Efficient adsorbents for industrial wastewater treatment are important to minimize potential environmental damage. In particular, organic dyes, as a...


Minisymposium, Thu 23.06.2022, 14:00h, Lecture hall 2

Our institute invites you to a mini-symposium entitled "Heterogeneous Catalysis".