Welcome to the Department of Inorganic Chemistry – Functional Materials

Our Department emphasizes research on inorganic materials, bulk or nanostructured, and their functions. We work on porous metal oxides, silicates, and carbons, as well as on metallic systems, intermetallics and alloys. Our activities are wide-ranging and branch into many associated subjects or research fields, including materials science, solid-state chemistry, thermodynamics, crystallography, adsorption, biomaterials, energy storage and catalysis.

News from the Department


Minisymposium, Thu, 19.05.2022, 13:30h, Lecture hall 4

Our institute invites you to a mini-symposium entitled "Solid-phase extraction for critical materials".


Our institute invites you to a mini-symposium entitled "Materials Research on Li-ion batteries and beyond".


Topic: The possibility to target specific bacteria of the gut microbiome using inulin-conjugated silica particles


New members of the institute

Welcome Lisa Grötzl and Lukas Sallfeldner!


Recently, Jia Min Chin has become an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry.


Topic: Critical materials recovery and the potential of solid-phase extraction materials based on silica