Frequently asked questions


  • How do I sign up for exams?

    Registration for exams takes place via u:space.

    If you encounter any problems with the registration, please contact the institute secretariat, Mrs Ana Pejkovic.

  • Where can I find the lecture halls and seminar rooms?

    Here you can find an overview of the lecture halls and seminar rooms of the faculty, including location descriptions.

  • Who can I contact with questions?

    For any question and request you can contact our institute secretary, Ms. Ana Pejkovic.

  • Where do i find the institute secretary's office?

    You will find our institute secretary, Ms. Ana Pejkovic, at Währinger Straße 42, room number 2273.

    If you enter the building via the entrance Währinger Straße 42, you will find the entrance of the new office wing (Wolkenbügel) between the 1st and 2nd floor. Behind the glass door on the right you will find another staircase, which will take you to the second floor of the Wolkenbügel. Once you have reached the top, first turn right, pass the kitchen and immediately turn left again, where you will find the institute secretary's office as the second door on your right behind the glass door.