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Catalytic activity and properties of copper-doped ceria nanocatalyst for VOCs oxidation. / Muzina, Katarina (Corresponding author); Kurajica, Stanislav; Guggenberger, Patrick; Duplancic, Marina; Drazic, Goran.

In: Journal of Materials Research, Vol. 37, No. 11, 31.05.2022, p. 1929-1940.

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Low Temperature Synthesis of Mn- and Fe-substituted mesoporous Ni0.5Co2.5O4 spinels toward higher OER activity. / Guggenberger, Patrick; Kleitz, Freddy.

2022. Paper presented at Vienna Doctoral School in Chemistry – DoSChem, Bad Waltersdorf, Austria.

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Defect-Engineered Hydroxylated Mesoporous Spinel Oxides as Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Reactions. / Deeloed, Wanchai; Priamushko, Tatiana; Cizek, Jakub; Suramitr, Songwut; Kleitz, Freddy (Corresponding author).

In: ACS applied materials & interfaces, Vol. 14, No. 20, 25.05.2022, p. 23307-23321.

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Reactivity of Diamines in Acyclic Diamino Carbene Gold Complexes. / Rubio, Guilherme M. D. M.; Tan, Tristan T. Y.; Prado-Roller, Alexander; Chin, Jia Min (Corresponding author); Reithofer, Michael R. (Corresponding author).

In: Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 61, No. 19, 16.05.2022, p. 7448-7458.

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Targeting Gut Bacteria Using Inulin-Conjugated Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles. / von Baeckmann, Cornelia; Riva, Alessandra; Guggenberger, Patrick; Kaehlig, Hanspeter; Han, Seung Won; Inan, Deniz; Del Favero, Giorgia; Berry, David (Corresponding author); Kleitz, Freddy (Corresponding author).

In: Advanced Materials Interfaces, Vol. 9, No. 14, 2102558, 13.05.2022.

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A perspective on developing solid-phase extraction technologies for industrial-scale critical materials recovery. / Brewer, Aaron (Corresponding author); Florek, Justyna; Kleitz, Freddy (Corresponding author).

In: Green Chemistry, Vol. 24, No. 7, 04.04.2022, p. 2752-2765.

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Nanocomposite SAC solders: the effect of heat treatment on the morphology of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu/Cu solder joints reinforced with Ni and Ni-Sn nanoparticles. / Yakymovych, Andriy (Corresponding author); Plevachuk, Yuriy (Corresponding author); Orovcik, Lubomir; Svec, Peter.

In: Applied nanoscience, Vol. 12, No. 4, 04.2022, p. 977-982.

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Incorporation of Cu/Ni in Ordered Mesoporous Co-Based Spinels to Facilitate Oxygen Evolution and Reduction Reactions in Alkaline Media and Aprotic Li-O-2 Batteries. / Priamushko, Tatiana (Corresponding author); Budiyanto, Eko; Eshraghi, Nicolas; Weidenthaler, Claudia; Kahr, Juergen; Jahn, Marcus; Tueysuez, Harun; Kleitz, Freddy (Corresponding author).

In: ChemSusChem, Vol. 15, No. 5, e202102404, 08.03.2022.

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Nanocast nitrogen-containing ordered mesoporous carbons from glucosamine for selective CO2 capture. / Maruccia, E. (Corresponding author); Lourenco, M. A. O.; Priamushko, T.; Bartoli, M.; Bocchini, S.; Pirri, F. C.; Saracco, G.; Kleitz, F.; Gerbaldi, C.

In: Materials today sustainability, Vol. 17, 100089, 03.2022.

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A Covalent Organic Framework/Graphene Dual-Region Hydrogel for Enhanced Solar-Driven Water Generation. / Li, Changxia; Cao, Sijia; Lutzki, Jana; Yang, Jin; Konegger, Thomas; Kleitz, Freddy; Thomas, Arne (Corresponding author).

In: Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 144, No. 7, 23.02.2022, p. 3083-3090.

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Experimental Phase Diagram of the Ag-Se-Sn System at 250, 400 and 550 °C. / Zobac, Ondrej (Corresponding author); Richter, Klaus W.; Kroupa, Ales.

In: Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion, Vol. 43, No. 1, 02.2022, p. 32-42.

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Review of vanadium-based layered compounds. / Reisinger, Gabriel R.; Richter, Klaus W. (Corresponding author).

In: Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 891, 161976, 25.01.2022.

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Selective ligand removal to improve accessibility of active sites in hierarchical MOFs for heterogeneous photocatalysis. / Naghdi, Shaghayegh; Cherevan, Alexey; Giesriegl, Ariane; Guillet-Nicolas, Remy; Biswas, Santu; Gupta, Tushar; Wang, Jia; Haunold, Thomas; Bayer, Bernhard Christian; Rupprechter, Gunther; Toroker, Maytal Caspary; Kleitz, Freddy; Eder, Dominik (Corresponding author).

In: Nature Communications, Vol. 13, No. 1, 282, 12.01.2022.

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Carbon Nanotubes in Organic Catalysis. / Corcho-Valdés, Angel Luis; Iriarte Mesa, Claudia; Calzadilla-Maya, Jesús; Matos-Peralta, Yasser ; Desdín-García, Luis Felipe; Antuch, Manuel .

Carbon Composite Catalysts : Preparation, Structural and Morphological Property and Applications. ed. / Mohammad Jawaid; Anish Khan. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. , 2022. p. 223–266 (Composites Science and Technology).

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Enhancing OER Activity of Ni/Co Oxides via Fe/Mn Substitution within Tailored Mesoporous Frameworks. / Priamushko, Tatiana; Guggenberger, Patrick; Mautner, Andreas; Lee, John; Ryoo, Ryong; Kleitz, Freddy (Corresponding author).

In: ACS Applied Energy Materials, Vol. 5, No. 11, 2022, p. 13385-13397.

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Vanadium-selenium-based misfit layer compounds-Insights into synthesis, morphology, and structure. / Reisinger, Gabriel R.; Richter, Klaus W. (Corresponding author).

In: Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 881, 160578, 10.11.2021.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

The ternary phase diagram Sb-Sn-Ti. / Berger, Patric; Schmetterer, Clemens; Effenberger, Herta; Flandorfer, Hans (Corresponding author).

In: Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 879, 160272, 25.10.2021.

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Metal-Free Hyper-Cross-Linked Polymers from Benzyl Methyl Ethers: A Route to Polymerization Catalyst Recycling. / Prince, Lucas; Guggenberger, Patrick; Santini, Elena; Kleitz, Freddy; Woodward, Robert T. (Corresponding author).

In: Macromolecules, Vol. 54, No. 19, 12.10.2021, p. 9217-9222.

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Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly of Small Peptide-Conjugated Silica Nanoparticles. / von Baeckmann, Cornelia; Rubio, Guilherme M. D. M.; Kaehlig, Hanspeter; Kurzbach, Dennis; Reithofer, Michael R. (Corresponding author); Kleitz, Freddy (Corresponding author).

In: Angewandte Chemie (International Edition), Vol. 60, No. 42, 11.10.2021, p. 22700-22705.

Publication: Contribution to journalShort communicationpeer-review

Assessing LiF as coating material for Li metal electrodes. / Stadt, Michael Georg; Hamid, Raad; Zhang, Ningxin; Sauer, Markus; Foelske, Annette; Guillet-Nicolas, Remy; Rezqita, Arlavinda; Fafilek, Gunter; Beutl, Alexander (Corresponding author).

In: Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, Vol. 52, 09.2021, p. 339–355.

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